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» Goods Warehousing

The warehousing of all goods (except chemical poisons and explosives) is generally performed as follows:

  • The unloading of goods from truck with forklift – the transport documents are checked normally within and compared with the load quantities. If a truck is fastened with a customs or warehouse plomb, the whole fastener is checked. Visual damages are mentioned and documented in CMR.

  • The goods are stored on palettes at warehouseshelves or on the floor. Normally they are not placet one on another in piles.

  • The goods are insured from thiefery and other damages while they are stored in our warehouse.

  • We perform also comissioning and repacking of goods.

  • The loading of goods at truck is normally performed with forklift or, if needed, without palettes.
    If loaded without palettes, there are additional 25,00 €/hour loading costs.

  • We perform also preparation of various transport documents.

    » Customs documents processing

    Besides the warehousing of goods, we offer also additional customs documents processing services:

  • As a customs approved receiver of customs goods, we have the right to receive and store customs goods at our warehouse. The registration of customs goods is eletronically performed in ATLAS system (NCTS)

  • As a customs approved sender of customs goods, we have the right to send customs goods(T1) the same way through electronic ATLAS system.

  • On demand we can offer such service as preparation of EX-1 export declarations for you.

  • The processing of a TIR-Carnet is also surely performed by our personnel.

    We have also the possibility to offer you warehouse area for a long time so that you can perform there your own warehouse operations. In such cases the offer is individually discussed.

    We are surely ready to discuss with you individual and special relationship possibilities.

    Please, do not hesitate to send us your requests via E-Mail logistics@sgsedvandmore.de,
    Fax +49-(0)-2921-6 12 81 or by telephone.
    We will get in contact with you as soon as possible to send you our individual offer.

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